Investing Principles

Staying committed to the fundamental principles of investing can help you and your clients achieve long-term goals.

Strategic building blocks to help you help your clients

  1. Market Volatility

    Remain Focused on Goals during Periods of Volatility

    Equity markets rise, decline, and trade sideways. They rarely go straight up. While declines can be difficult, they are a normal part of equity markets. Maintaining a long-term horizon may help investors keep their perspective and stick to an asset allocation suitable for their long-term goals.

    0500100015002000250097989900010203040506YEAR07080910111213141516S&P 500 Index+106%-49%+101%-57%+231%March 9, 2009P/E (NTM): 10.3x676.53December 30, 2016P/E (NTM): 16.85x2238.83October 9, 2007P/E (NTM): 15.7x1565.15March 24, 2000P/E (NTM): 27.2x1527.46October 9, 2002P/E (NTM): 14.9x776.76(VALUE/PRICE)

    Clients shouldn't bail out at the first sign of a declining market.

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  2. Diversification

    Combine Active and Passive Investments

    Together, active and passive funds have the potential to complement one another in a portfolio. With actively managed funds providing the potential to outperform market benchmarks, passively managed investment options can provide low-cost exposure to market segments. Understand the value of incorporating both into a portfolio strategy.

    Focus on proven, research-basedstrategies.Use human experience.Provide the potential to beat marketindex benchmarks, but canunderperform.Active funds
    Cannot avoid market volatility.Offer consistent market exposureto a category or style.Are often cheaper, with lowerexpense ratios than comparableactive funds.Passive funds

    Give your investment plan a checkup and uncover areas of opportunity.

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  3. Tax-efficient investing

    Utilize Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies

    High-income investors have limited options for tax-advantaged accounts. Consider a variable annuity that provides tax-deferred growth and a guaranteed stream of income. 1

    The Power of Tax Deferral

    Tax deferral may help clients’ portfolios grow faster. Tax deferred Taxable $82,931 $73,004

    Help clients develop a tax-efficient investment strategy.

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