Fidelity Advisor Investment Pulse Survey*

In Q1 2016, concerns about interest rates subsided for financial advisors. While approximately one out of every five advisors surveyed in Q4 2015 cited interest rates as a concern, the number dropped to fewer than one in ten in the first quarter this year.

Market volatility surged ahead, particularly in January, taking the top spot across the quarter, closely followed by portfolio management at No. 2.

Q1 2016 Survey Results

#1#2#3#4#5Q4 2015Q1 2016MarketVolatilityPortfolioManagementGovernment& EconomyUpdatesClientGuidanceMarket9%8%6%9%12%16%25%25%19%28%

What Advisors Are Focused On

“Impact of DOL Ruleon retirement accounts”“Geopolitical risksand the election”“Finding a balance of returnand risk in portfolios”“Keeping clients informedon market and economy”“Helping clients stay investedthrough periods of volatility”“How to help clientsthink long-term”

About the results

Interest rates had consistently been one of the top five areas of focus for advisors every quarter for more than two years. However, in Q1 2016, as concerns about interest rates tumbled from the No. 2 spot to the No. 7 spot among the top-of-mind themes for advisors, market volatility surged ahead, closely followed by portfolio management at No. 2.

With eyes on election season and the Department of Labor’s investment advice rule, developments in the political and regulatory landscape also emerged as an important area of focus, taking the No. 3 spot in Q1.

Top Five Q1 2016 Topics

  • 1

    Market Volatility

  • 2

    Portfolio Management

  • 3

    Government & Economy

  • 4

    Market Updates

  • 5

    Client Guidance

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