Fidelity Advisor Investment Pulse Survey

During Q3 2016 regulatory and political developments were top-of-mind for advisors, including the potential impact of the Department of Labor fiduciary rule on investment advice as well as political uncertainty related to the November general election.

2016 Survey Results

Line chart is a representation of the percentage of advisors who cited each category as an area offocus each month. Values in the circles are the average Q3 2016 percentage of advisors who citedeach category as an area of focus.#1#2#3#4JANFEBMARAPRMAYSEPAUGJULJUNQ3 ONLYMANAGEMENTPORTFOLIOINTERESTRATESGOVERNMENT& ECONOMYMARKETVOLATILITY14%28%18%25%

What Advisors Are Focused On

“How will DOL rule affectme and my clients?”“Impact of the Fed and globalinterest rates on economyand the markets”“Low interest rates present avery challenging environment”“Implementing theupcoming DOLrequirements”“The upcoming election and itsimpact on near-term investingperformance”“Election, interest rates andfinding income-generatinginvestments for clients”

About the results

Concerns about government and the economy spiked during Q3, with 28 percent of advisors surveyed saying topics such as the general election and the impact of the investment advice rule were a top concern. This is a significant increase from 21 percent for Q2 and 16 percent for Q1. Portfolio management at 25% and market volatility at 18% remain in the top 3 concerns for Q3 2016.

During the first nine months of 2016, the number of advisors who cite worries about interest rates has steadily increased. As history has shown, trying to guess the direction of interest rates can be difficult. Rather than focus on the next move of the Federal Reserve, advisors can discuss the role of fixed income in a diversified portfolio and other factors to consider.

Top Five Q3 2016 Topics

  • 1

    Government & Economy

  • 2

    Portfolio Management

  • 3

    Market Volatility

  • 4

    Interest Rates

  • 5

    Market Updates

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