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Investing in Fixed Income ETFs

Fidelity combines the strength of its fixed income investing expertise with deep research capabilities to offer a robust lineup of bond ETFs across duration and credit spectrums.

Featured Fixed Income ETF Resources

Investment Grade Bond ETFs

These funds invest primarily in higher-quality securities, which generally include those issued by the U.S. Treasury, U.S. government agencies, and U.S. corporations, as well as bonds backed by mortgages or other assets. Fidelity offers a range of products, from a core bond holding, to those that invest in corporate bonds and bonds of shorter durations.

High Yield Bond ETFs

These funds invest primarily in lower-quality securities typically rated BB and below.

Preferred Securities ETFs

The fund invests primarily in preferred securities, which are a type of hybrid investment—sometimes referred to as "hybrids"—that combine the features and characteristics of both stocks and bonds.

Strategies for Generating Income

Investing in Fixed Income Factor ETFs

Our fixed income factor ETFs offer a new way to put key drivers of returns in the bond market to work in a portfolio.

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