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Investing in Fixed Income ETFs

Fidelity combines the strength of its fixed income investing expertise with deep research capabilities to offer a robust lineup of bond ETFs across duration and credit spectrums.

Featured Fixed Income ETF Resources

Investment Grade Bond ETFs

These funds invest primarily in higher-quality securities, which generally include those issued by the U.S. Treasury, U.S. government agencies, and U.S. corporations, as well as bonds backed by mortgages or other assets. Fidelity offers a range of products, from a core bond holding, to those that invest in corporate bonds and bonds of shorter durations.

High Yield Bond ETFs

These funds invest primarily in lower-quality securities typically rated BB and below.

Preferred Securities ETFs

The fund invests primarily in preferred securities, which are a type of hybrid investment—sometimes referred to as "hybrids"—that combine the features and characteristics of both stocks and bonds.

Strategies for Generating Income in a Challenging Bond Market

Investing in Fixed Income Factor ETFs

Our fixed income factor ETFs offer a new way to put key drivers of returns in the bond market to work in a portfolio.

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