FIAM Focused Large Cap Growth

  • Consistent delivery of exposure to U.S. large cap growth equities
  • Value-added from stock selection, not economic or sector bets
  • Strives for solid risk-adjusted returns

Investment Process

Investment Process

Key Facts

Inception date Feb 28, 2007
Benchmark Russell 1000 Growth
Separate account minimum $50M
Typical tracking error 4%–6%
Sector constraint +/- 10.0%
Security constraint +/- 3.5%
Typical portfolio turnover 40%–60%


FIAM Focused Large Cap Growth seeks to provide excess return over a market cycle relative to the Russell 1000 Growth® Index.

Investment Approach

The strategy is a fifty stock portfolio that represents FIAM’s portfolio management team’s best investment ideas based on an intrinsic value approach to investing. By focusing on long-term business fundamentals, the team identifies companies whose free cash flow growth is not fully reflected in the price of their stocks. The FIAM team then constructs a portfolio that has similar characteristics to the benchmark in order to maintain style consistency and risk parameters.

Portfolio Managers

Zach Dewhirst
Zach Dewhirst Portfolio Manager

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