Investor preferences, needs and demographics are rapidly evolving.

Cultivating a deeper understanding of who you serve today and who you want to serve tomorrow can help your practice remain relevant in a changing environment. By targeting the right investors with the right offering, you can also help increase your share of wallet with current clients and open up opportunities to engage with new segments.

ESG investingLGBTQ+ households are morethan 2X as likely to holdESG investmentsWomen are over 30% morewilling to pay for an advisor whooffers ESG investing strategies
Technology usageDeca-Millionaires are morelikely to agree that they wouldchange advisors if they do not usetechnology to enhance servicesLGBTQ+ households are almost2X as likely to want visualinteractive reports and automatedemail alerts
Advisor advocatesSmall Business Owners are 2Xas likely to view their advisoras a close confidanteDeca-Millionaires haverecommended their advisorsin the past year nearly 3Xas often as other Millionaires

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