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Fidelity Thematic ETFs

Thematic investing enables your clients to invest in long-term trends or themes. Fidelity's thematic funds cover a range of strategies to help you best match your client's interests with their objectives.

Explore Actively Managed Thematic ETFs

Fidelity Disruptive Medicine ETF (FMED)

Invests in companies that are transforming medical diagnostics, therapies, and services, from gene therapy to robotic surgery and digital health platforms.

Fidelity Disruptive Technology ETF (FDTX)

Invests in new technologies such as companies delivering cloud computing, harnessing big data, and transforming consumer experiences through internet and mobile platforms.

Fidelity Disruptors ETF (FDIF)

Brings together 5 disruptive themes—automation, communications, finance, medicine, and technology—in a single ETF.

Explore Index Thematic ETFs

Fidelity Clean Energy ETF (FRNW)

Designed to provide exposure to companies that distribute, produce, or provide technology or equipment to support the production of energy from solar, wind, hydrogen, and other renewable sources.

Fidelity Cloud Computing ETF (FCLD)

Seeks to provide exposure to companies that provide products or services enabling the increased adoption of cloud computing characterized by the delivery of computing services over the internet.

Fidelity Digital Health ETF (FDHT)

Targets exposure to global companies providing health care records management, connected health care devices, surgical robotics, telemedicine, and other technology-enabled health care products and services.

Fidelity Metaverse ETF (FMET)

Provides exposure to companies with substantial revenues and initiatives tied to metaverse business activities such as gaming technology, digital infrastructure, design & engineering software, wearable tech, web development & content services, computing hardware, and components.


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