FIAM Select International

  • Broadly diversified portfolio that seeks to consistently deliver value added performance
  • Pure play on one of the world’s largest buyside research platforms that has extensive depth and breadth of fundamental research coverage with more than 1,500 non-U.S. names under coverage
  • Experience and consistent approach of the same portfolio manager since the discipline’s inception in 1989

Investment Process

Select International

Key Facts

Inception date Jul 31, 1989
Benchmark MSCI EAFE (N) - Linked
Separate account minimum $50M
Typical portfolio turnover 60%–80%


FIAM Select International seeks to provide excess returns relative to the MSCI EAFE (Net) Index while maintaining similar fundamental characteristics.

Investment Approach

The strategy utilizes a disciplined investment approach that capitalizes on Fidelity’s fundamental research by combining qualitative stock selection with quantitative risk control. The available investment universe is comprised of stocks in Japan, the United Kingdom, Europe ex UK, and Asia Pacific ex Japan rated attractive by our analysts. The discipline uses a quantitative model to match the regional weights of the portfolio to the index. This approach is designed to diversify specific risk, reduces tracking error and factor risk, and controls transaction costs.

Portfolio Managers

Cesar Hernandez
César Hernández, CFA Portfolio Manager

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