Sustainable investing solutions and ESG insights

The future of investing is changing—and Fidelity is on the forefront of that change. Discover how our sustainable strategies can help firms meet evolving client goals.

The principles behind Fidelity's sustainable investing approach

Our deep proprietary knowledge and disciplined investing principles are the foundation of Fidelity’s sustainable investing approach, and are built on:

Investment performance

As with all our portfolios, we maintain a focus on seeking consistent investment performance.


Our proprietary research focuses on financially material ESG factors.

Cross-asset class collaboration

Our differentiated investing process is supported by collaborative proprietary ESG research across asset classes.


We engage with issuers as part of our ESG research and stewardship initiatives.

Fidelity Investments sustainability statement of policy

Fidelity manages portfolios with the goal of providing the greatest possible long-term return to our investors, consistent with the investment guidelines and objectives of each strategy. We believe financially material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors can impact market risks and returns, influencing the long-term performance of the securities in which we invest.

This statement outlines Fidelity’s general approach to ESG topics, across asset classes, through research and stewardship.

Fidelity Investments stewardship principles

We see stewardship as a critical tool for addressing material risks and opportunities in portfolios to help generate long-term value creation for our customers. Fidelity has a set of stewardship principles to guide its efforts, including proxy voting.

Reshaping strategic asset allocation

Download the full Strategic Allocator's Guide to Productivity and Profits to learn more about the powerful forces reshaping strategic asset allocation.

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