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Outsourced CIO

Discover how Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) solutions leverage the deep investment capabilities and proprietary research at Fidelity to deliver competitive outcomes for complex investment needs.

Fidelity’s outsourced CIO offering is built on a strong foundation

Deep knowledge

Fidelity’s first-hand market awareness, coupled with both modern and historical public and private capital market understanding, guides clients through cyclical economic changes.


Fidelity’s experienced team leverages in-depth insights and proprietary fundamental and quantitative research to inform investment strategies.

Clear focus

Fidelity’s OCIO team is very client centric and experienced at helping clients define measurable investment objectives, aiming to deliver on complex and evolving client needs.


Fidelity’s OCIO offering is built on its foundation of long-standing industry presence and continued commitment to expanding on expertise.

What is an OCIO

An Outsourced Chief Investment Officer—or an OCIO, for short—is the term used to describe a third-party consultant or firm who provides investment management services to an organization that does not have its own internal investing capabilities.

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