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Custom investment solutions

Fulfill your unique investment needs with Fidelity’s custom investment solutions, which draw on deep experience and proprietary research to help deliver meaningful results.

Tailored investment solutions that aim to meet your investment goals

Fidelity's investment solutions are designed to seek results that tie directly to client goals and objectives, with a strategic emphasis on:


Active asset allocation allows clients to capitalize on market inefficiencies while navigating through changing economic environments.


Diversified exposures across asset classes,  investment disciplines, time horizons, and managers provide additional breadth of return sources.


Specialized investment teams make it possible for clients to take advantage of inefficiencies in certain markets, like small caps, emerging markets, and credit sectors.

A look at Fidelity’s investment process

Fidelity’s investment approach seeks compelling, risk-adjusted returns through exposure to high conviction views, as well as diversification of assets by asset class, sub-asset class, and investment style.

This approach allows the Fidelity team to be uniquely flexible by investing across time horizons and alpha sources, thus allowing for better navigation across market environments.

Meet our team

The Portfolio Management team includes a diverse group of skilled investors who leverage Fidelity’s comprehensive research and analysis resources.

Ed Heilbron
Portfolio Manager
Jordan Alexiev, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Thomas McFarren, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Erika Murphy, CFA, CAIA
Portfolio Manager

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