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Liquidity management

Discover how Fidelity’s combination of client-focused expertise, comprehensive financial solutions, and industry knowledge and insights work together to provide you with trusted liquidity solutions.

The core pillars of Fidelity’s liquidity solutions

These pillars form the foundation of Fidelity’s liquidity management options, making it possible for clients to experience the confidence and assurance that comes with proven liquidity risk management.

History and foundation

With more than 40 years of experience managing money market funds, Fidelity utilizes proven and time-tested investment processes.

World-class financial solutions

Fidelity’s portfolio managers leverage strong historical knowledge and the latest market insights to develop and manage a comprehensive suite of future-ready product options.

Industry-leading knowledge and insight

Current market reports, as well as views on the changing regulatory environment, are among the variety of insights Fidelity regularly provides liquidity clients.

Client-focused expertise

Our dedicated service team aims to understand and anticipate the unique needs of each client, creating truly tailored and unique client experiences.

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