FIAM Select Global Small Cap

  • Broadly diversified portfolio that seeks to consistently deliver value added performance
  • Consistent approach since inception, supported by a dedicated team of small cap analysts
  • Pure play on one of the world’s largest buyside research platforms that has vast depth and breadth of fundamental research coverage with more than 6,000 names under coverage. This strategy is well positioned and seeks to add value via stock selection in an inefficient marketplace

Investment Process

Select Global Small Cap

Key Facts

Inception date Aug 31, 2007
Benchmark S&P Dev SC/MSCI World SC Net Linked*
Separate account minimum $50M
Typical tracking error 4%–6%


The Select Global Small Cap strategy seeks to provide excess returns relative to a global small-cap index, by combining qualitative stock selection with quantitative risk management and systematically capturing the best fundamental ideas from our global research platform.

Investment Approach

The discipline is an active, bottom-up, core strategy, which combines our fundamental stock research with superior risk management and seeks to deliver consistent outperformance. In this strategy, market risk is matched to the benchmark, and stock selection—our strength—emerges as the dominant contributor to active returns. The approach aims to outperform the MSCI World Small Cap index over a market cycle.

Portfolio Managers

Shah Badkoubei
Shah Badkoubei Portfolio Manager

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