FIAM Global Low Volatility

  • Consistent exposure to global equities
  • Access to one of the world’s largest buy side research platforms that has extensive depth and breadth of fundamental research coverage with more than 3,100 names under coverage
  • Seeks to minimize absolute risk by utilizing quantitative investment tools, while enhancing capital growth potential via fundamental stock selection

Investment Process

Global Low Volatility

Key Facts

Inception date October 31, 2012
Benchmark MSCI World (N)
Separate account minimum $50M
Typical portfolio turnover 50%–150%


The principal investment objective of the FIAM Global Low Volatility strategy is to seek long-term growth of capital, primarily through investments in the global developed market equity universe, while maintaining an overall risk profile that is lower than the market.

Investment Approach

Unlike more traditional equity strategies that seek to add value while managing tracking error relative to a cap-weighted benchmark, Global Low Volatility focuses on absolute return and absolute risk while still being a fully invested, long-only strategy. This focus on absolute risk (rather than tracking error) allows the strategy to achieve lower volatility than the cap-weighted index or the more traditional equity strategies. The strategy leverages the fundamental analyst research across the Fidelity organization to drive the stock selection process and advanced portfolio construction techniques to build a portfolio that meets the investment objective.

Portfolio Managers

Zach Dewhirst
Zach Dewhirst Portfolio Manager

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