FIAM Market Based Cash Balance 30/70

Commingled Pools are only available to certain qualified retirement plans.

Multi-asset class pools specifically designed for Market Based Cash Balance Plans

  • Fund-of-funds structure utilizing commingled pools and ETFs
  • Designed to add value through active allocation and active management
  • Diversified across asset classes, with the flexibility to adjust exposures based on changing market conditions

A fully integrated qualified plan solution

Recordkeeping* Actuarial* Market Based Cash Plans Investments Benefit from Fidelity's 25+ years of defined contribution and defined benefit plan experience Strategies designed exclusively to meet the investment objectives of MBCB plans Provide plan support, nondiscrimination testing and sensitivity analysis, annual actuarial valuations, plan document support and plan compliance services

Key Facts

Inception date: Dec 30, 2014
Benchmark: FIAM 30/70 MBCB BL


The Portfolio's investment objective is to seek capital growth and income by diversifying across a range of asset classes, including equity and debt securities issued anywhere in the world.

Investment Approach

Generally, the Portfolio will employ a fund-of-funds approach by investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and/or collective investment funds to achieve a target asset allocation of approximately 30% of its assets in equity securities and 70% of its assets in fixed income securities. The Portfolio may vary its target allocation mix if the Trustee believes equities or fixed income securities offer more favorable opportunities.

Portfolio Managers

Ed Heilbron headshot
Ed Heilbron Portfolio Manager
Erika Murphy headshot
Erika Murphy Portfolio Manager
Jordan Alexiev, CFA headshot
Jordan Alexiev, CFA Portfolio Manager

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