Institutional Solutions

Liability-Driven Investing

Explore how Fidelity’s approach to integrating liability and de-risking analysis—combined with best-in-class portfolio management—can help create effective custom solutions implementation.

Discover the four key pillars that shape Fidelity’s LDI Solutions platform

Dedicated resources

World-class specialists with expertise in pension plan risk-management across assets and liabilities.

Custom portfolio solutions

Real-world implementations that take into consideration current capital market dynamics and implementation challenges.

Strong fixed income management

Aimed at balancing the delivery of alpha in a pension risk management framework.

Dynamic customized solutions

De-risking solutions which seek to meet the evolving needs of pension clients.

Fidelity's Liability-Driven Investment process

Fidelity leverages the powerful combination of a repeatable, team-based investment process with the competitive advantage of fundamental, macro, and quantitative research.

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