FIAM Pension Journey Pools

Increasingly for many corporate plan sponsors the definition of success is reaching fully funded status–whether or not they intend to terminate.

Unique Challenges Require Unique Solutions

Fidelity's legacy of asset management and retirement expertise gives us a unique view into the challenges plan sponsors face. In response, we have developed a first-of-its-kind series of commingled pools that are intended to provide plan sponsors with a structured path towards full funded status in a cost-efficient manner.

Liability Hedging Return Seeking Lower Higher Funded Status 0 20 40 60 80 100 90/10 80/20 70/30 60/40 50/50 40/60 30/70 20/80 10/90 Asset Allocation (Return Seeking/Liability Hedging) Allocation %

Each pool provides a different balance of return-seeking and liability-hedging exposures to match a pension in its individual journey to fully funded status. The variety of pools allows sponsors to react to changes in funded status, risk profile, or investment objectives quickly and easily.

Portfolio Managers

Ed Heilbron headshot
Ed Heilbron Portfolio Manager
Erika Murphy headshot
Erika Murphy Portfolio Manager
Jordan-Alexiev headshot
Jordan Alexiev, CFA Portfolio Manager

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