Meeting the Moment: How Smart Advisors Are Winning Young Investors

Nothing may affect market dynamics more than generational change coupled with innovative technology. While advisors continue to serve the baby boomer contingent into retirement and beyond, we believe it's time to acknowledge and respond to the seismic population shift that is underway. Millennial and Gen Z customers are coming of age, and your firm should be considering how to engage and serve this new contingent of young investors.

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Key Insights

  • If you're not bullish, you're not paying attention. Since 2020, 60% of young investors (ages 18-34) began to invest.1
  • Younger investors are different, in a good way. Our research shows that younger investors place more importance on financial planning, creating peace of mind and helping achieve life goals than their older counterparts.
  • Explore steps you can take to help start winning their business including: creating a target client profile, connecting with current client's children, engaging with them online, and more.
  • See how other wealth management firms are attracting and engaging Millennial and Gen Z clients.
Download the full paper
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