International equity

Help your clients achieve their desired outcomes with our full range of international equity funds, ETFs, and other investment products.

International equity solutions informed by expert global insights and ideas

Fidelity offers world-class capabilities, providing you with:

Opportunities discovered across the capital structure

We identify trends, evaluate fundamentals, and maintain a global view to find new ideas for your clients' portfolios.

An experienced research team covering the globe

We achieve regional and local presence through our extensive team of equity research professionals in offices
around the world.

Strategies for every type of international investing goal

Our 25+ funds give your clients targeted exposure to developed markets, emerging markets, and regional/global geographies—crossing style and market capitalization.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Build better portfolios with mutual funds and ETFs tailored to meet your clients’ needs.

Fidelity Advisor Funds

Fidelity Funds

Fidelity ETFs

Model Portfolios
Accessing Fidelity’s powerful portfolio management capabilities, our model portfolios can help you manage investments effectively so you can add value for your clients in other ways.

Model Portfolios

Institutional Strategies

Help meet evolving and complex client goals with our institutional strategies and vehicles.

Institutional Strategies

Variable Insurance Products

Designed for inclusion in annuity products, these include a range of equity, sector, fixed income, and asset allocation portfolios.

Variable Insurance Products
International equity at Fidelity

Learn about our perspective, investment process, and research capabilities.

Understanding the Global Picture with Bill Kennedy
Portfolio manager Bill Kennedy searches for the best international investing opportunities.

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