Asset Classes

Fixed income: investment grade

Explore the full spectrum of fixed income investments aimed at meeting client's evolving income and capital appreciation objectives within our fixed income asset class.

Fixed income capabilities that can help provide a competitive edge

Our full spectrum of fixed income solutions leverages our research platform, investment process, and risk management systems to help deliver risk-adjusted returns that can meet a client’s liquidity, income generation, and capital appreciation investment objectives. We can help you get that edge, with:

Competitive performance

Proven ability to deliver competitive performance over varied market environments

A wide range of products

Wide range of products to target desired client outcomes

Innovative solutions

History of developing innovative solutions to meet evolving needs of clients

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Offering clients the full spectrum of fixed income investment solutions.

Fidelity Advisor Funds

Fidelity Advisor Municipal Funds

Fidelity Funds

Fidelity Municipal Funds

Fidelity ETFs

Fidelity Money Market Funds

Model Portfolios

Accessing Fidelity's powerful portfolio management capabilities, our model portfolios can help you manage investments effectively so you can add value for clients in other ways.

Model Portfolios

Stable Value Portfolios

Seeks preservation of capital, with a secondary objective of providing a level of income over time that is consistent with the preservation of capital. Only qualified, participant-directed, defined contribution plans may invest in these pools.

Stable Value Portfolios

Variable Insurance Products

Designed for inclusion in annuity products and include a range of equity, sector, fixed income, and asset allocation portfolios.

Variable Insurance Products

Institutional Strategies

Help meet evolving and complex client goals with our institutional strategies and vehicles.

Institutional Strategies

Subadvised Portfolios

Custom investment options available in variable annuities.

Subadvised Variable Annuity Investments

Fixed income at Fidelity

Learn about our perspective, investment process, and research capabilities.

Diversifying with Fixed Income Video-SH
Listen to portfolio manager Mike Plage as he offers his perspective on why investors can expect to see greater diversification from investing in bonds in 2023.
Fixed income at Fidelity

Gain access to Fidelity experts in an exploration of Fidelity Fixed Income.

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