Quantitative investing at Fidelity

Find out how Fidelity unites decades of proprietary data, advanced systematic approaches, and expert human insight to help uncover opportunity for your clients.

Why quantitative investing matters

At Fidelity, we believe data and technology are critical to every component of modern investing. And the sheer amount of data available today makes quantitative tools and techniques a necessity.

We harness massive amounts of data, use the most advanced systematic approaches, and combine it all with human insights so you can offer innovative strategies to your clients as they pursue their investing goals.

Unrelenting pursuit of technological advances

Our team of more than 250 quantitative professionals is passionate about advancing technology so we can gather, manage, and interpret the non-stop influx of data.

Proprietary research advantage

What drives us to continually uncover new investing opportunities? Our collaborative culture of information sharing among our quantitative experts and fundamental managers and decades of data other firms can't access.

Unique mix of systematic and fundamental insights

We can turn data into investment insights quickly and efficiently, thanks to our cutting-edge technology, resources, and ability to scale.

The 5 stages of quantitative investing

Discover how quantitative investing works at each step of the investment process.

Collect, clean, and organize data
Collect, clean, and organize data
With massive amounts of data available to asset managers, collecting, organizing, and verifying this information is more critical to the investing process than ever before.
Combine signals
Combine signals
Quant investors use sophisticated data analysis to remove biases, assign confidence scores and identify alpha capture opportunities.
Generate ideas
Generate ideas
Data is put into context of current market and economic trends, geopolitical conditions, security characteristics, behavioral factors or other considerations.
Construct portfolios and manage risk
Construct portfolios and manage risk

These data-driven ideas are used to make buy/sell decisions and build portfolios based on return potential, personalized investment objectives, and tax management—while continually managing for risk.

Execution efficiently
Execution efficiently
Harnessing data through technology maximizes decision-making speed and ease of customization, while minimizing transaction costs.

Hear from our team

Learn more about Fidelity’s quantitative investing perspective, investment process, and research capabilities directly from our experts.

Denise Chisholm, Director of Quantitative Market Strategy
Denise is all about using historical analysis to interpret data. Her perspective helps drives healthy debate and better investment conclusions.

Investment Research Update

By synthesizing market information using three quantitative approaches, Director of Quantitative Market Strategy Denise Chisholm evaluates potential opportunities across equity market sectors.

Market Insights

Stay up-to-date on the factors driving current economic conditions. Listen as leaders from Fidelity Investments share their observations and analysis of domestic and global market trends.

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