Thematic investing

Help your clients enhance their portfolios and align their investments with what matters to them.

What is thematic investing?

Thematic investing can help your clients align their interests and values with the companies they invest in. Focusing on potential opportunities created by economic, technological, and social developments, Fidelity's thematic lineup offers:

A focus on long-term trends and themes 

Based on client demand for opportunities that hone in on current and future trends, our thematic offerings may serve as core equity strategies or satellite options.

Portfolio management expertise and unique research

Our thematic options are backed by Fidelity's active management capabilities and research edge—enabling you access to our unparalleled research and insights.

Insights on using thematic investing in your portfolios

Our thought leadership and portfolio construction expertise can help you determine how to best use thematic investing strategies to meet client goals.

The fund will not invest in digital assets (including cryptocurrencies) directly, or indirectly through the use of digital asset derivatives.
Thematic investing at Fidelity

Get insights from Fidelity portfolio managers on recent thematic investing trends and opportunities.

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Sustainable investing

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