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Asset Allocation

Help your clients meet their goals with a full suite of innovative investment options.

Put our extensive analytical, research, and management capabilities to work for your clients

Our lineup of target date, target risk, retirement income, and income/real return options gives you:

The expertise of a leading provider

We have over 25 years of experience managing asset allocation strategies.

The ability to target a variety of client needs

Our strategies span multiple client investment horizons and objectives.

The support of dedicated research teams

We have one of the largest asset allocation research teams in the industry.

Mutual Funds

Build better portfolios with mutual funds tailored to meet your clients' needs.

Fidelity Advisor Funds

Fidelity Funds

Target Date Strategies

Target date investing is an integral part of what makes Fidelity the retirement industry leader.1 To meet the varying needs of our clients and their employees Fidelity offers a choice of active, blend, and index target date series, all supported by our deep organizational resources.

Target Date Strategies

Institutional Strategies

Help meet evolving and complex client goals with our institutional strategies and vehicles.

Institutional Strategies

Variable Insurance Products

Designed for inclusion in annuity products and include a range of equity, sector, fixed income, and asset allocation portfolios.

Variable Insurance Products

Asset allocation at Fidelity

Learn about our perspective, investment process, and research capabilities.

Fidelity's Target Date Glide Path: Designed to Deliver Retirement Outcomes

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