Fidelity active equity ETFs: Help construct a strong core

Fidelity active equity ETFs combine our industry-leading approach to security selection, research, and technology with the potentially greater tax efficiency and lower costs of an ETF.

Why Fidelity for active equity ETFs?

Supported by decades of active management expertise, our dedicated teams access Fidelity's vast research and resources to uncover unique investment opportunities for your clients.

Instill confidence with your clients

When you choose a Fidelity active equity ETF, you are supported by an industry-leading active management team who is dedicated to generating new market insights and seeking excess returns.

Gain equity exposure through core building blocks

Fidelity active equity ETFs can be used as core positions for client portfolios that deliver the opportunity for outperformance with disciplined, ongoing risk management.

Get guidance and support

With clients increasingly adopting active ETFs for their potential tax efficiency and generally lower costs, Fidelity is committed to helping you support your clients’ financial goals.

Looking for ETFs?

Visit our ETF list page to view Fidelity's full ETF offering.

Want to know more?

Let’s talk about active equity ETF solutions for your clients.

Active ETFs: The power of active management

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