Portfolio construction solutions

Get ready to manage your client portfolios—and relationships—more effectively with Fidelity’s powerful portfolio construction insights, tools, and solutions.

Building better portfolios just got easier

Portfolio construction is critical to managing risk and return for investors, and it requires a dedicated amount of time and skill to do it well. We are here to support you every step of the way, helping you face some of today’s biggest challenges so you can: 

Spend less time “managing the money”

Not all portfolios are created equal; each requires you to choose an asset allocation mix and investment options tailored to your clients’ specific needs.

Our portfolio construction experts and industry-leading tools can help you streamline your efforts and give you more time back. 

Offer clients more ways to optimize portfolios

As our industry evolves, new investment options are allowing investors to move beyond the traditional and into areas like alternatives or active ETFs.

Our suite of tailored investment strategies and model portfolios, backed by our deep research capabilities, can help you achieve your clients’ biggest goals.

Focus more energy on meeting client needs

Investor priorities are shifting—to areas like maintaining a viable work-life balance and creating greater financial freedom to achieve all their goals.

We’ll help you stay up to date on current portfolio trends and research so you have more time to create meaningful relationships with your clients. 

Get the latest portfolio construction insights

Our proprietary data-driven insights can help you track industry shifts and build better portfolios.

See what our portfolio construction experts and tools can do for you

Specialized investment consultants and state-of-the art portfolio construction tools can help you deliver strong outcomes for a range of client objectives.

Investment strategies to power your clients’ portfolios

Our tailored portfolio solutions—including model portfolios and separately managed accounts—can allow you to spend more time where it counts: building better client relationships.

Want to know more?

Check out how Fidelity can give you a scalable, personalized portfolio construction framework for managing portfolios more efficiently and effectively.