With our industry and the world around us perpetually changing in unpredictable ways right now, your role in your clients' lives is more important than ever.

Backed by proven strength and stability and fueled by continuous innovation, Fidelity Institutional is ready to help you drive progress for your business, deliver even more value for your clients, and meet today's challenges head on.

“It's really been amazing the amount of effort and seemless approach that Fidelity has taken with dealing with clients.”—Crescent Grove Advisors

We use our deep experience and the scale of Fidelity to help your business grow.

Client-Focused Expertise

Deep expertise and high-touch service that empower firms to meet their clients' unique needs.

Access to a broad range of experienced specialist consultants—including our portfolio construction team, who have completed 9,100+ portfolio reviews to help our clients optimize performance.

Industry-Leading Financial Solutions

Streamlined investment, trading, and financing solutions at the intersection of trading, technology, and investment management.

Along with our diversified product lineup, we offer access to more than 650 fund families and 20,000 CUSIPs; innovative investment and technology solutions, including Fidelity Managed Accounts Xchange® (FMAX); and alternative and sustainable investing solutions.

Flexible Technology

Flexible platforms and seamless digital experiences that enable our clients to capture the value of digitization more easily.

We've been a privately held company for 75 years, which means we're able to make annual multibillion-dollar technology investments through all market cycles across the enterprise.

Fidelity Institutional by the Numbers


13,500+ clients serviced, who oversee 70% of America's $55.6T in wealth1


$4.0T total assets under administration2


$968B total discretionary assets under management2


259K total average daily trades3


#1 in combined clearing and custody4

Meet our leadership team

“What drives us is our fundamental desire to meet each of our clients' unique needs—and ultimately, to help them serve their customers, business, and purpose.”—Mike Durbin, Head of Fidelity Institutional
Michael Durbin

Michael Durbin
Head of Fidelity Institutional

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Al Riviezzo

Al Riviezzo
Head of FI Client Experience

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Colby Penzone

Colby Penzone
Head of FundsNetwork and FI Product & Consulting

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Dalton Gustafson

Dalton Gustafson
Head of Intermediary Investments & Sales

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David Wakefield

David Wakefield
Head of Finance and Strategy

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Erica Birke

Erica Birke
Head of FI Marketing & Communications

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Gary Gallagher

Gary Gallagher
Head of Wealth Management & Advisory Solutions

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Kurt Kreh

Kurt Kreh
Head of HR for FI and Fund and Brokerage Operations & Technology

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Rohit Mahna

Rohit Mahna
Head of FI Client Growth

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Marc Squires

Marc Squires
Head of Wealth & Brokerage Platforms

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Rashmi Venkatesh

Rashmi Venkatesh
Head of FI Data Analytics and Business Operations

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Thomas Tesauro

Thomas Tesauro
President, Fidelity Capital Markets

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With our industry and the world around us perpetually changing in unpredictable ways right now, your role in your clients' lives is more important than ever.

Backed by proven strength and stability and fueled by continuous innovation, Fidelity Institutional is ready to help you drive progress for your business, deliver even more value for your clients, and meet today's challenges head on.

Institutional Investment Solutions

Fidelity Asset Management Solutions develops investment strategies for institutional investors, including corporate, public, and TaftHartley retirement plan sponsors of both defined benefit and defined contribution plans, as well as endowments, foundations, and sovereign entities worldwide.

We offer a broad array of investment strategies across asset classes, including the following:

  • Domestic equity
  • High income
  • International equity
  • Alternatives
  • Fixed income
  • Multi-asset class solutions

We use our deep experience and the scale of Fidelity to help deliver the results your business depends on

Client-focused expertise

  • Deliver deep expertise and high-touch service to help meet clients' unique needs
  • Translate client needs into tailored, scalable investment solutions
  • Provide access to Fidelity's breadth of investment expertise through our diverse business lines

Innovative investment strategies

  • Leverage specialized, comprehensive global research to generate our best ideas
  • Offer diverse investment capabilities across a broad multi-asset class spectrum, and end-to-end solutions
  • Provide elegant, innovative investment solutions at the intersection of client need and investment management

Strength and stability

  • Reinvest into the business through up or down markets
  • Invest $1 billion annually in technology to seek to deliver market-leading products and services
  • Culture of accountability and integrity.

Fidelity by the numbers1


$4.2T total discretionary assets under management


$2.2T managed on behalf of institutional investors


350 research professionals around the globe

75 Years

Privately held for 75 years

Meet our leadership team

Vadim Zlotnikov

Vadim Zlotnikov
President, Fidelity Asset Management Solutions

Casey Condron

Casey Condron
Head of Institutional Client Group

Dan Brindisi

Dan Brindisi
Head of Institutional Relationship Management

Seyi Bucknor

Seyi Bucknor
Head of Investment Consultant Relations

William Johnson

William Johnson
Head of Institutional Large Market Sales

Erin Burns

Erin Burns
Head of Institutional DC On-Platform Investment Sales

Jim Zadrozny

Jim Zadrozny
Head of Institutional Mid-Market Sales

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Working to Bring More to Our Clients

Demonstrating value in an increasingly complex and competitive environment is a daily challenge. Our goal is to deliver original insight, tailored sales support, and a diverse product lineup—the tools advisors need to help stand out from the competition.

Original Insight

Advisors should be collaborating with a division of Fidelity Investments that not only provides timely and relevant insight into the markets, but one that also understands how to help them meet increasingly complicated investor needs.

At Fidelity Institutional Asset Management®, our direct exposure to Fidelity Investments’ broad, intermediary, and institutional trends enables us to combine investment insights with actionable solutions that can be put to work for clients.

No. 1 provider

of 401(k) savings plans

30M people

investing their life savings

$7.8T assets

under administration


13.5K advisory firm


22K businesses

managing employee benefit programs

Designed to reshape outcomes

Building investment portfolios has never been harder. Clients have goals they need to prepare for. Our original insight is designed to help improve client outcomes and enable advisors to expand their practice.

Collaboration with advisors

Reshape Outcomes 1

We have worked with advisors to conduct thousands of custom-tailored portfolio reviews.

Investor behavior discovered

Reshape Outcomes 2

Through this work, we discovered that investors have been holding on to certain myths that could cause them to miss out on investment opportunities and return potential.

Insight shared with clients

Reshape Outcomes 3

The Evolution of Portfolio Construction: Rethinking Time. Our portfolio construction program is built exclusively for financial advisors.

We know there are choices to make when deciding which fund providers to use and whose insight to solicit to address client needs. Our portfolio construction program was built to help financial advisors stand out.

Ongoing support to manage investment decisions

Conveying the importance of planning to clients and offering solutions to put their plans in motion—these are just two of the most important aspects of an advisor’s role. Our resources are built specifically to help these efforts.

Tailored Access

Advisors can contact their Fidelity Institutional Asset Management® representative to gain access to Fidelity’s broader expertise and resources—via specialists working across practice types, products, and asset classes as well as important content areas, such as capital markets strategy and portfolio construction guidance.

Our sales professionals know the challenges clients face every day. We have designed our coverage model with an advisor's evolving needs in mind.

SectorInternationalFixed IncomeAdvisor DCIOFidelity InstitutionalLiquidity ManagementSolutions (FILMS)Institution InsuranceSubadvised SolutionsOffshorePortfolio ConstructionGuidance (PCG)Capital MarketsStrategy Group (CMSG)Your PrimaryFIAM ContactPRACTICESPECIALISTSCONTENTSPECIALISTSASSET CLASSSPECIALISTS

Your Fidelity Primary Contact Contact Fidelity

Fidelity network and specialist teams

DCIO & VA Core Team Support

Fixed-Income & Sector Core Team Support

PCG & CMSG Core Team Support

Practice, Product, and Content Specialists

Our mission is simple: to be the first call made for any planning or portfolio need. Advisors can be sure that when they make that call, they will receive Fidelity’s best insights and actionable solutions.

Diverse Investment Capabilities

At Fidelity, we understand the importance of flexibility and work to deliver investment options that leverage a specialized focus within asset classes, combined with a broad reach across various disciplines. The Fidelity family offers a wide range of products across each asset class and a variety of vehicles, including mutual funds, ETFs, multi-asset-class subadvised portfolios, CITs, and liquidity management solutions.

What portfolio or planning questions need to be addressed?

  • What is the client’s time horizon?
  • Will future interest rate hikes impact fixed income portfolios?
  • Are portfolios overweighted or underweighted in a particular sector?
  • How much of the equity allocation is international?
  • How are liquidity needs managed? Are operating, short-term and long-term strategic needs differentiated, and are plans implemented accordingly?

Our lineup is backed by a multidimensional, global research platform built on bottom-up fundamental research, individual accountability, and differentiating perspectives.

About Us

Fidelity Investments is one of the world’s largest mutual fund and financial services firms, with customer assets of more than $7.8 trillion.1 Fidelity Institutional Asset Management (FIAM) has been supporting financial advisors since 1946 to help them work with investors as they pursue their long-term financial goals.

Our Investment Capabilities

FIAM offers investment management products, including Fidelity Advisor Funds®, Variable Insurance Product (VIP) Portfolios, systematic investment plans, institutional money market funds and a comprehensive line of retirement products to investment professionals, plan sponsors, and consultants at institutions nationwide.

We span the globe to provide financial solutions across the investment spectrum to help financial advisors respond to the ever-changing needs of investors. Our mutual fund lineup and products are designed to help your clients meet a wide range of investment objectives, asset allocation requirements, and risk tolerances.

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Original Insight

A fundamental part of our commitment to financial advisors is conducting research and analysis on critical financial issues and transforming our findings into actionable insight and planning tools. This insight has ranged from investment perspectives to retirement planning and income strategies.

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Market Commentary

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