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When your clients come to you looking for a retirement provider they can trust—choose Fidelity.

Not a 401(k) expert? You don't have to be.

We've got your back, as well as decades of recordkeeping and investment experience to help the proposal process go smoothly from start to finish.

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Workplace Solutions

Why advisors choose Fidelity

Working with Fidelity combines the best of both worlds—access to insights from our vast client base as well as platform and program features that make it easy to work with us.

99%transactional accuracy¹
11Kthe number of advisorswe work with²
97%client retention rate³

Put our size on your side

Our scale allows us to offer comprehensive benefits solutions that are simple, cost-effective, and designed to meet the changing needs of today's businesses—no matter the size.

Serving more than 32 million participants and 22,000 employers gives us a unique perspective. From deep insights and data, to powerful analytical and benchmarking tools that we willingly share with advisors, we help drive better decisions and outcomes.

A suite of integrated solutions and tools to use with clients of all sizes

Student debt and other trending benefits

Innovative benefit strategies, including student debt repayment programs, can help employers boost retention, stand out in the search for top talent, and cultivate a diverse workforce.

Morningstar Fund Screener

Build portfolios, and compare funds, other portfolios and Fidelity Funds.

Fidelity's proprietary benchmarking tool: Plan Exam

Current Trends and Insights: We make it easy to keep up with what's new

Stay sharp and maintain your edge with ongoing insights from our research, thought leadership, and competitive intelligence teams through articles, videos, and infographics that you can share with clients to help them make informed decisions about their benefits program.

Flexible features to help your clients drive plan performance-participation, deferrals, and asset allocation-and retirement readiness.

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