Proxy Materials Table

Proxy Type/Control Number

This column explains what type of shareholder meeting is taking place, and provides you with a unique control number that you'll need to confirm your identity to submit a proxy vote. You might be asked to insert a security code in addition to the control number.

Due Date

The Due Date column reflects the meeting date minus one day. If you would like to cast a proxy vote online or by telephone, you will have the opportunity to do so up until 11:59 PM EST on the day prior to the scheduled meeting. If you would like to vote on the day of the meeting, you may do so by attending the meeting.


The status column tells you which action you can take for a particular meeting, whether it's casting a vote (Vote), changing a vote (Voted), or Meeting Closed.

Last Action Taken

This column shows the date on which you last voted or changed your vote, regardless of the method you used to submit your vote – by mail, telephone, or online.


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