Deliver Your Value Through Portfolio Construction

Constructing effective portfolios in today’s environment can be challenging. With greater regulatory pressure, increased price compression, and a growing number of investment options, the considerations that must be factored into investment decision-making can be daunting.

Our Portfolio Construction Toolkit offers advisors resources and insights to help you build portfolios aligned to client goals.

Portfolio Construction Toolkit to Help Build Effective Client Portfolios

Debunking the myths of portfolio construction

Consider our portfolio construction program to evolve discussions with clients and prospects.

Choosing an investment manager

A deliberate and repeatable manager selection process can help you build portfolios with confidence. Use this checklist to make sure you are incorporating these practices when choosing a manager.

Investing across the spectrum

Whether you’re looking for a broad range of markets and asset classes or need to tailor a portfolio with precise exposure, our index mutual funds and ETFs can meet your client’s needs.

Combining active and passive investments

Get Fidelity’s thinking on portfolio construction incorporating both active and passive strategies in your clients’ portfolios.

Scaling your practice

Accessing Fidelity’s powerful portfolio management capabilities, our model portfolios can help you manage investments effectively so you can add value for your clients in other ways.


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