Portfolio Construction for Today's Changing Needs

Your clients' priorities are shifting, and you may increasingly be asked to do more than manage their money.

Why does portfolio construction matter?

Today, your clients still need you to build effective, efficient portfolios that deliver the results they count on, especially in today's volatile market.

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How we approach portfolios

We integrate past, current, and future market trend data in our unique approach to constructing portfolios around clients' financial goals.

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Build portfolios for any goal

Fidelity brings portfolio management scale, expertise, and efficiency to your practice to help you seek better outcomes for your clients.

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Leverage our model portfolios

Professionally managed portfolios from Fidelity can help you scale your practice and spend time on what clients value most.

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Get the Definitive Guide to Portfolio Construction

Helping you address the changing needs of your clients, this guide offers new ways to expand the services at the core of your business.

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See What Portfolio Quick CheckSM Can Reveal

This online tool offers a fast, deep analysis of any client portfolio, assessing multiple factors of composition and performance.

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