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Answers to the most commonly asked questions to help you manage your Fidelity Advisor individual investor account(s).

FAQs: Fidelity Advisor individual investor account

  • How do I open a Fidelity Advisor account?

    Your financial advisor can help you complete and mail the appropriate Fidelity Advisor account application. Once your account is established, you will be mailed a confirmation statement that includes your account and fund number. You will need this information to register for online access.

    If you do not have a financial representative, search in your local area.

    You must register your account to access your account information online.

    Registering your account online.

  • How do I update my mailing address?

    To change your address, log in to your account and select Mailing Address under Account Settings. Select the account(s) you'd like to update to submit your address change. Updates to 529 beneficiary addresses must be made separately. Please note, online distributions may be restricted if requested within 15 calendar days of an address change.

  • How do I change my name?

    You must complete and mail the Name Change Authorization form and supporting legal documentation to update your legal name across your Fidelity Advisor accounts.

  • How do I link my Fidelity account to a bank account?

    To add or modify your bank or bank account number, log in to your account and select Bank Information under Account Settings. From there, select Edit or Add New Bank under Action to modify your bank account registration, account number, routing number, and account type.

    For your convenience, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) allows you to send money electronically from your account directly to your bank. For your security, a 10-calendar day waiting period is required when establishing or updating EFT distribution instructions. During this period, money is not accessible for withdrawal via the Electronic Funds Transfer/Fidelity Money Line feature.

  • How do I change my beneficiary information?

    Log in to your account and select the IRA account you wish to update. Under Beneficiaries, select View/Update. You can also update beneficiary information by completing the appropriate form. Please note, non-retirement accounts require a Transfer on Death Registration to add a beneficiary(ies).

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Access tax information, statements, and forms

  • How do I access my account statement?

    To view, print, or download your account statement, log in to your account and select View in the Statement column within the My Accounts section.

  • Can I choose to eliminate my paper statement mailings?

    Yes, you can choose to receive electronic statements, tax forms, and other account documents, such as confirmations or proxies. To enroll in eDelivery, log in to your account and select eDelivery under Security Settings.

  • How do I access my tax forms?

    To view, print, or download your tax forms for accounts with tax reporting activity, log in to your account. Within the My Accounts section, select View in the Tax Forms column to view a pdf of your tax form(s).

    Please note not all activity or account types generate a tax form. Generally, retirement accounts only generate a tax form for distributions, rollovers out of your account, or if dividend or capital gain distribution is greater than $10. Online access is not available to secondary joint owners, trustees, custodians of an UGMA/UTMA, or 529 participants with beneficiary distributions.

    Access the Tax Information Center for additional resources and a tax form availability schedule.

  • How can I access account forms?

    To view, print, or download forms or applications, log in to your account and select Forms & Applications under Other Services. Fax-approved documents (those that don't require a notarization or signature guarantee) may be submitted electronically; all others must be sent by mail.

Send documents

  • How can I send my documents? Are they secure?

    There are two ways you can send your documents:

    1. Fax-approved documents (those that don't require a notarization or signature guarantee) may be uploaded online and sent through our secure Document Upload process. After you log in to your account, select Upload Documents under Other Services, then choose your account, the transaction type, contact information, and attach the file.
    2. Documents that require a signature guarantee or notary or court certification cannot be submitted online. You must send the original documented forms to us by mail.

    Sending forms and files securely through document upload.

  • What is a signature guarantee?

    A signature guarantee is a written form of authentication like a notarization but issued by a financial institution. It verifies the legitimacy of a signature and the signatory's overall intent. In most cases, the guarantor accepts all consequences if the signature is fraudulent.

    A client can obtain a signature guarantee from a bank, broker/dealer, securities exchange, clearing agency, or credit union. We must receive the original copy of signature guaranteed forms.

  • What is a Medallion signature guarantee?

    A Medallion Signature Guarantee Program is a stamp provided by a financial institution certifying the signature is genuine, has legally binding authority, and accepts liability in the case of forgery. Documents with a medallion signature guarantee must be mailed to us, as the original copy is required.

    Medallion Signature Guarantees have liability limits per transaction, which is determined by the letter prefix on the stamp. For example, the "D" in D1234567 indicates the guarantor may guarantee any transaction up to $250,000.

    Prefix Transaction Limit
    A $1,000,000
    B $750,000
    C $500,000
    D $250,000
    E $100,000
    F $100,000 (credit unions)
    X $2,000,000
    Y $5,000,000
    Z $10,000,000

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If you use a teletypewriter (TTY) or other telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD), contact us via a relay service.

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