Fidelity Small-Mid Multifactor IndexSM 5% ER

Why Fidelity Small-Mid Multifactor IndexSM 5% ER?


Leveraging a long history of quantitative research and factor expertise, the index provides exposure to factors that have been known to outperform the market over time.

Multi-factor Approach

Provides exposure to smaller size stocks with a focus on value, quality, momentum and lower volatility, with an objective to minimize unintended risk.


Combining multiple factors with volatility control may help achieve performance consistency in various market conditions.

Small-Mid Multifactor Index combined with staticweights to underlying factorsAllocates between up to four separate TreasuryFutures Indices based on recent performance trends,then adjusts allocation of the Index daily with a goalto meet a 5% volatility targetLowVolatility25%Value25%Quality25%Monthly OptimizationCalculate the historicalvolatilities of the equity andfixed income componentsto determine a combinationwith the highest estimatedreturn potential, given atarget volatility level of 5%Daily ScalingAnalyze daily volatility levelsof the combined portfolioand adjust componentsaccordingly with a goal tomeet a 5% volatility targetSTEP 1STEP 2Specific indices being used Citi 10Y USTreasuryFutureMarketTracker Index (Ticker:CITPBF1U) andFedFunds Effective (FEDL01)The level of the Fidelity Small-MidMultifactor Index 5% ER is calculatedon anexcessreturn basis (net of anotional financing cost) andreflects the dailydeduction of afeeof 0.50% per annum. Thefee isnotrelatedto the annuity.

Backed by Fidelity's extensive global resources

50+ years

of quantitative and factor investment experience1


investment professionals across equity, fixed income, and asset allocation1


assets under management1


Fidelity boasts one of the largest research teams in the industry, with more than 400+ global equity, fixed income, and asset allocation research professionals1


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