2020 Plan Sponsor Attitudes Survey

Supporting plan sponsors and their participants has become more complex over the last decade. In its 11th year, this study reveals what is top of mind for plan sponsors, helping advisors better align their services and support models to the needs of their clients.

Highlight 2: Value of the Plan Advisor

AdvisedNon-AdvisedPlan goals for theparticipantmet:Plan goals for thecompanymet:56%50%67%66%

Sponsors working with advisor, versus non-advisors, are more satisfied that their plan is meeting its goals.

Download the second installment in our 2020 highlight series to learn more about how an advisor can add value in helping sponsors manage their plan.

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  • Highlight 1: Uncovering Prospecting Opportunities
  • Highlight 2: The Value of the Plan Advisor
  • Highlight 3: Plan Design and Investment Menu May Help Close the Savings Gap
  • Highlight 4: Retirement Readiness Remains In Focus
  • Highlight 5: Sponsors Seeking Advice on Smarter Total Benefits Spending

Highlight 1: Uncovering Prospecting Opportunities

61% of sponsorsevaluate their plan advisorannually, and 25% do somore than once per year

While the percentage of plan sponsors looking to switch advisors continues to fall, opportunities for prospecting remain.

Download the first installment in our 2020 highlight series to learn more about the factors plan sponsors consider when choosing an advisor.

About the Study

The 11th edition of our proprietary study uncovers opportunities with plan sponsors across the nation.

  • Based on responses of 1,555 plan sponsors who use a wide variety of recordkeepers, not just Fidelity
  • Included plans with at least 25 participants and $3 million in assets, from start-ups to plans with more than $250 million in assets
  • Focused on plan sponsors using a financial advisor or plan consultant

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