Fidelity Freedom Index Commingled Pools

Commingled Pools are only available to certain qualified retirement plans.

Investing primarily in low-cost index building blocks, this index approach to target date investing is designed for clients who looking to align more closely with the benchmark.

Fidelity's Glide Path
Focuses on diversification through exposure to asset classes that provide resiliency to different market environments participants may face throughout their lifetime.

U.S. Inflation-Protected Bond: Long-TermInternational BondU.S. Inflation-Protected Bond: Short-TermLong-Term U.S. Treasury BondU.S. Investment Grade BondBondsShort-Term DebtNon-U.S. EquityU.S. EquityAllocation (%)0201030507090608040100Years in RetirementYears to Retirement40303525201510551015202504550

Key Facts

Inception date: Jun 30, 2007*
Benchmark: Custom Index


Seeks high total return until the target retirement date; thereafter, the objective is high current income.

Investment Approach

The Pool employs a fund-of-funds process by investing in a diversified portfolio of equity, fixed income and/or short-term products managed by Fidelity. The pool's target asset allocation percentages will change over time to become more conservative, by gradually reducing allocations to equity and increasing allocations to fixed income and/or short-term products.

Portfolio Managers

Andrew Dierdorf Portfolio Manager
Brett Sumsion Portfolio Manager
Finola Foley Portfolio Manager

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