Client Focus

Drive growth by targeting the right clients with the right offering for them, and modifying your approach as investor needs change.

Stay ahead of the curve with your clients

As investor preferences and needs evolve, you might consider taking a close look at who you serve today, and who you want to serve tomorrow. Then, adjust your engagement model and client experience to stay relevant with your target clients.
  1. Marketing & Business Development

    Drive Growth with Smart Marketing & Business Development Strategies

    Todays' firms need to take steps to stand apart from others — and avoid getting lost in what's becoming a highly competitive marketplace. Our Marketing & Business Development resources can help you create a unique and compelling firm story that sets you apart from the competition, and offers insights and actionable approaches to take your client acquisition strategies to a new level.
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  2. Client Experience

    Evaluate and understand your clients' unique needs

    Segmentation exercises can help you classify your business into subsets, to better understand unique client needs so that you can improve the way you serve them — and even identify clients that may not be a good fit for your firm. Listening posts can inform how you change your engagement model over time to stay in demand.
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  3. New Business Opportunities

    Expand your reach by targeting growing market segments

    The changing investor landscape may provide you with the opportunity to grow your client base and AUM by serving different segments of the market such as NextGen investors and high-net-worth women. With the help of Fidelity's investor insights, consider creating a well-defined plan of action to target these and other groups.
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Stressed millionaires ranked their advisors lower when it came to understanding needs.

Fidelity's Millionaire Outlook 2019 found that the quality of advisor relationships can play a role in the well-being of investors.

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