A Range of Services to Optimize Your Portfolio Construction Approach

Fidelity Portfolio Construction Solutions

Investment management support is not an all-or-nothing proposition.

As you work to ensure your services address the needs of today's investors, you may be assessing your current portfolio construction approach. Consider whether outside resources can complement your efforts.

A recent Fidelity study confirmed this area is one of three top functions advisors outsource:

InvestmentmanagementInformationtechnologyLegal andcompliance

More importantly, we found that advisors who outsource at least two of these functions reported growth in client numbers and assets under management in the past year.1

Fidelity is here to help—as much or as little as you need

When you work with Fidelity, we can take on as much responsibility for investment management as you'd like. Our spectrum of portfolio construction services allows you to maintain control over the elements you care about most.

So whether you are looking to build portfolios from scratch with input from our market insights, an off-the-shelf model solution that aligns to your client’s risk profile, or anywhere in between, Fidelity is here for you with a full range of industry-leading capabilities, thought leadership, tools, and resources.

Fidelity Portfolio Construction Solutions: Resources Aligned to Your Approach

Capital Markets StrategyTechnology ToolsModel PortfoliosINSIGHTAccess expertiseand insightIMPLEMENTATIONApply expertiseand insight
INSIGHTAccess expertiseand insightIMPLEMENTATIONApply expertiseand insightCapital Markets StrategyTechnology ToolsModel Portfolios

Fidelity’s insights on asset allocation and global economic themes can help you make decisions as you build client portfolios.

You can use Fidelity’s data-driven diagnostic solutions to assess gaps and find opportunities in client portfolios.

Fidelity’s model portfolios can help you deliver institutional-quality investment management while allowing you to spend more time on client goals.


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