Thematic Investing: What Is It, and How Should Investors Consider Thinking About It?

Posted: 10/4/2023 by Fidelity Investments

Thematic investing is a way to invest according to beliefs and values, focused on long-term ideas and trends.

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Key Insights

  • Thematic investing allows investors to pursue market exposure to specific ideas or values.
  • Fidelity Investments® has identified five different types of thematic investing, each with a different overall approach:
    • Disruption
    • Megatrends
    • Sustainable
    • Differentiated Insights
    • Outcome-Oriented
  • Within each type, there may be different strategies for reflecting the theme, including different approaches to selecting investments.
  • Thematic solutions may provide focused exposure to a theme plus the benefits of our professional research and management.
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