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Reasons to consider adding alternatives to a portfolio

Expanded investment universe

Alternative investments can be a way to expand beyond traditional asset classes, providing additional investment options to potentially grow and protect your wealth.

Enhanced returns and income

Various types of alternative investments can help improve total returns and income, potentially bolstering a portfolio's overall performance across market cycles.


Alternative investments can provide returns that differ from traditional investments as well as the opportunity to manage risk.

Types of alternative investments

Private equity

Seeks to provide enhanced long-term capital appreciation by investing in the equity of private, non-traded companies and helping them optimize operations to drive future growth.

Private credit

Seeks to provide higher income and/or total returns versus public credit markets by investing in privately negotiated loans, bonds, or other below-investment-grade debt instruments.

Real assets

Seeks to provide attractive total returns, diversification from traditional investments, and income through exposure to physical assets, such as real estate, infrastructure, and agriculture.

Liquid alternatives

Seeks to diversify and manage risk by generating less correlated returns using a combination of stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, leverage, and derivatives.

Digital assets

Seeks to provide growth and diversification by investing in digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and other crypto tokens.

Access a growing lineup of alternative solutions

Private Placements

Fidelity offers private funds for eligible investors in:

  • Private equity
  • Distressed debt
  • Real estate debt
  • Direct lending
  • Core real estate
  • Digital assets

Contact your Fidelity representative for more information.

Fidelity Private Credit Fund

Seeks to generate current income by providing access to directly originated loans made to U.S. middle and upper-middle market private companies.

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