Digital Assets at Fidelity

Focused on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency investing, and the future of the modern financial system.

Investor demand for digital assets is on the rise.

More than 60% of investors believe digital assets have a place in their portfolios, and over 80% show interest in institutional investment products that hold digital assets.1 Through nearly a decade of research and development and ongoing investment in blockchain technology, Fidelity is uniquely positioned to advance and support wider adoption of digital assets.

Preparing for what’s next

We have an expanding portfolio of products, platforms and services.

Moving forward with confidence

We believe blockchain technology and digital assets will represent a large part of the financial industry’s future.

Investing for the long run

We continue to make strategic investments to help advance the digital assets ecosystem.

Education to position your firm for the growth of cryptocurrency.

Over the next decade, nearly $70 trillion of wealth will be transferred to younger investors who may have a higher likelihood to hold digital assets.2 For more data-driven insights, explore our resources.

A vision for digital assets. The experience to make it happen.

At our core, we’re committed to innovation. This drive has helped us grow during changing market conditions and shifting consumer preferences. With a firm-wide focus on digital assets, we’re developing a blockchain ecosystem with the goal of becoming a holistic solutions provider.


FCAT began mining bitcoin and holding bitcoin proprietarily.


Fidelity Charitable began accepting bitcoin contributions from donors.


The first traditional financial services firm to onboard and custody an institutional manager’s bitcoin—through Fidelity Digital AssetsSM.


Fidelity Digital AssetsSM added an asset management arm and collateral agent capabilities.

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