Strategies for Growing Your Practice

Access Fidelity’s expertise and insight

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Fidelity offers you sharp insight as well as practical resources

Take advantage of access to Fidelity’s perspectives and investment management resources as you help clients meet their financial goals
  1. client behavior

    Understand Your Clients

    Understanding what clients think and feel and what motivates them to act enables you to be proactive in helping them achieve their goals.

    Fidelity research shows that

    62% of Gen X/Y millionaireswould like their financial advisorto provide more comprehensiveservices (vs. 25% of Baby Boomers).162%

    Engage the wealth holders of the future

    Baby BoomersGen X/YBy2030By 2030, Gen X/Y will surpassBaby Boomers in terms of holdingthe most wealth in the country.2
  2. Technology and Social Media

    Manage & Communicate Through Technology and Social Media

    Service existing clients and reach new clients by communicating through technology.

    Why Include Technology in Your Practice?

    Reach this new target client through technology and expand your client base.

    • 53% of Gen X/Y millionaires surveyed said they would find a new advisor if theirs weren't using technology to enhance services.*
    • As digital advice gains traction, combining technology with the human touch will be essential to stay relevant
    • Integrating technology into your service model can strengthen client relationships
  3. Continuing Your Education

    Attend Fidelity Presentations and Conferences for CE Credits

    Keep up to date with your certifications through our programs.

    Browse presentations that are offered for CE credit and request a speaker for your next event. If you’ve recently attended an event, submit your request for CE credit.



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