“Feels a bit like I’m spinning plates—employees, portfolios, client communications… Can’t imagine doing this if I wasn’t standing on firm footing. Fidelity has been that footing. I haven’t had to even think about them. ”

Fidelity Institutional client

“They’ve always been part of our team, and they haven’t missed a beat. ”

Don Bizub, Western International Securities

“You have an excellent way to drown out the noise and provide what we need to help us help our clients. ”

Charter Oak Financial

“It's really been amazing the amount of effort and seamless approach that Fidelity has taken with dealing with clients. ”

Gregg George, Crescent Grove Advisors

As Covid-19 hit, 70% of our workforce became remote within 24 hours. A week later, 99% were fully digital.


We’ve done 9,100+ portfolio reviews and portfolio quick checks to help inform your strategies..


2,000+ financial consultants, technology associates, and customer service representatives were recently hired enterprise-wide to be there when you need us most.

Reliability is a choice

We’ll help make it easier. Discover proven portfolio strategies and flexible, cutting edge technology to help you elevate your business.

Portfolio Construction

Your clients rely on you to build effective, efficient portfolios that can help deliver the results they count on—in any market.

Clearing & Custody Solutions®

While other custody providers merge, we stay focused on your business. You can rely on our leading technology solutions, award-winning integration storefront, and dedicated services.

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