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Fidelity Multi-Strategy Credit Fund

For long-term investors seeking income and capital appreciation from credit investments across the spectrum of the public and private markets.

The fund is an unlisted closed-end interval fund that offers limited liquidity though quarterly offers to repurchase between 5% and 25% of the fund's outstanding shares at NAV. It is designed primarily for long-term investors and not as a trading vehicle.1

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Why Multi-Strategy Credit?

Designed to exploit investment opportunities—liquid and illiquid—across the entire credit spectrum with a goal of providing a high level of current income and capital appreciation.


Focused on providing enhanced income by allocating to high income and credit alternative asset classes.


Invests across the credit spectrum to help mitigate impacts in down markets and offer lower correlation to traditional asset classes.

Access & Exposure

Provides exposure to private credit markets that have historically not been available to a broad set of investors.

50+ Years of experience across the Credit Spectrum

Proprietary research resources and experience scale across the capital structure with expertise panning both the liquid public markets and illiquid private markets.


Assets under management*

853 Total Investment Professionals

402 Total Research


Credit Assets under management*

256 Credit Investment Professionals

120 Credit Research Professionals

Our Credit Capabilities


Public High Yield


Emerging-Markets Debt


Real Estate Debt


Leverage Loans


Direct Lending

Diversified Credit Exposures

Fidelity Multi-Strategy Credit Fund invests across the entire credit spectrum including direct lending, leveraged loans, high yield bonds including distressed debt, commercial mortgage-backed securities, emerging markets debt, and investment grade.

  • Provides potential for enhanced yield and return relative to liquid credit markets.
  • Offers low correlation to traditional asset classes.
  • Seeks downside protection across market environments.
  • Invests opportunistically to generate alpha through security and asset selection.
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Fidelity Multi-Strategy Credit Fund

Invests across a variety of high income-oriented asset classes including both liquid and illiquid securities.

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Interval Fund Structure

The interval fund structure provides individual investors access to private market investment strategies that were previously only available to large institutions at lower minimums and simpler tax reporting.

Interval funds are unlisted closed-end vehicles that provide limited liquidity to shareholders typically through quarterly repurchase offers for between 5% and 25% of the fund's outstanding shares at net asset value ("NAV").2

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