Fidelity Advisor Rollover IRA

Do you have clients with eligible tax-deferred retirement assets who need a retirement plan? Explore the Fidelity Advisor Rollover IRA and its fund offerings, advantages, and much more.

Keep retirement assets working for you

The Fidelity Advisor Rollover IRA allows eligible rollover money to remain invested on a tax-deferred basis without paying current income taxes or penalties.

Potential impact of taking an early cash distribution from a 401(k) plan versus transferring eligible retirement assets to a Rollover IRA


Fidelity Advisor Rollover IRA details

Understanding Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)

NUA is the difference in value between the cost basis of company stock and its market value at the time it is distributed in kind from the plan as part of a lump-sum distribution.

Evaluate your options before you act

Before initiating a direct rollover to an IRA, consider all of the available options, their features, and all applicable fees.

Retirement income planning

Put our insights into practice to help your clients meet their retirement goals.

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