Why model portfolios?

Discover how model portfolios can help you provide institutional-quality investment management, creating more time for you to attract new clients, build deeper relationships, and scale your practice. 

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What is a model portfolio—and what benefits does it offer?

A model portfolio is a mix of investment vehicles that are designed to pursue a particular investment objective, such as enhanced returns or income generation, while targeting a particular risk level. As an advisor, you can use model portfolios to construct and manage your clients' portfolios and help them achieve their goals. Model portfolios may also offer you other advantages, including:

Scale & efficiency

By spending less time on portfolio management, you can instead focus on goal-based planning and having more meaningful conversations with clients.

Investment expertise

With institutional-quality money management expertise by your side, you can allocate funds that more closely align with your clients' specific investment objectives.

Use of third-party model portfolios is on the rise

In the past few years, firms are placing a renewed emphasis on business development and strategic planning.* Model portfolios have become increasingly popular as advisors look to gain efficiencies managing their clients’ investments so they can dedicate time to these priorities.

Take a look at compelling data showcasing the growing popularity of model portfolios:

The overall model portfolio market is projected to grow 18% between 2020 and 2025.†
Advisors who outsource spend up to 14% more time in client-facing activities than advisors who do not outsource.^
Advisors who use models spend an average of 11% of their time on investment management, while those who don’t use models spend between 18% and 25.5% of their time on investment management.^
Of the advisors who outsource the investment management aspect of their jobs, 68% said it helps create stronger connections to clients.**
Discover Fidelity’s model portfolios

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