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Discover our quantitative experts' insights—leveraged from decades of Fidelity data and advanced technology—and the team's unique collaboration on quantitative and fundamental strategies.

Quantitative investment research informs our process, creating more opportunity for your clients

Given the enormous amount of investment data now available, quantitative investing is more important than ever. At Fidelity, our quantitative investment strategies and core, fundamental investment processes all benefit from our wealth of data—producing insights that are:

Tested and systematic

Our sound investing principles, the systematic techniques we use, and a commitment to rigorous testing allow us to produce investing insights that can help improve investment outcomes.

Targeted and innovative

Using decades of proprietary fundamental research and new, alternative data sources, we continually analyze and refine our approach to uncover today's market opportunities, generate new ideas, and enhance the investment process.

Efficient and actionable

Our scale, technology, and expertise allows us to develop and apply cutting-edge approaches to data analysis—and collaboratively translate our findings into insights for asset managers and advisors.

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Investment Research Update

By synthesizing market information using three quantitative approaches, Director of Quantitative Market Strategy Denise Chisholm evaluates potential opportunities across equity market sectors.

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