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Explore Fidelity’s innovative investment solutions—fueled by our quantitative tools and techniques—and how they can help you deliver more value to clients.

Client needs haven’t changed, but investment solutions have

Whether the result is an entirely quant-based strategy or a hybrid of quant and fundamental approaches, quantitative tools and technology are critical to creating efficient, effective, and scalable solutions across the investing style spectrum.

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Fidelity Active Equity ETFs

Fidelity's Active Equity ETFs create the power to offer clients the benefits of an ETF and the potential for outperformance as well.

Thematic investing

Explore the ways thematic investing helps clients enhance their portfolios and align their investments with what matters to them.

Factor investing

Help clients add more precise exposure to their portfolios while minimizing unintended risk at the same time.

Investment Research Update

By synthesizing market information using three quantitative approaches, Director of Quantitative Market Strategy Denise Chisholm evaluates potential opportunities across equity market sectors.

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Quant insights

Discover our quantitative experts' insights and the team's unique collaboration with our fundamental and quant managers.

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Why quant matters

Find out how Fidelity unites decades of propriety data, advanced systematic approaches, and expert human insight to help uncover opportunity for your clients.

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