Retirement Income Planning

Put our insights into practice to help your clients meet their retirement goals

Your clients need to prepare for a retirement that may last longer than they ever expected.

Understand the factors that impact retirement income plans, including Social Security and Medicare.
  1. Retirement Planning

    Consider the Five Key Risks of Retirement

    Before your clients can embark upon building a practical road map to financial security, they need to understand five key risks that can potentially derail a lifetime income plan.

    From clients' ownsavings or othernonretirementsources*Social Security& pensions*62%38%

    Learn about the five key risks and access resources you can use to help clients effectively plan for retirement.

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  2. Health Care Costs

    Understand the Cost of Health Care in Retirement

    Health care expenses represent a large threat to retirement savings and are one of the most important parts of a retirement income plan.

    Out-of-pocket health care expensesfor a couple retiring in 2023.Health care represents one of the largestretirement expenses and must be factored intoan overall retirement savings plan.$315K

    Despite Americans' high concern about health care in retirement, many underestimate their medical costs.

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  3. Social Security

    Help Clients Maximize Their Benefits

    Waiting to claim Social Security is often the better option. But those without adequate savings could risk running out of money too soon and might have fewer options.

    AGE 62 AGE 66 AGE 70

    Waiting to collect Social Security benefits until age 70 can add up.

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  4. Retirement Savings

    Review Fidelity’s Retirement Savings Assessment

    This Fidelity study finds many families are at risk of not meeting retirement savings goals. Consider six steps to get your clients on track.

    RPM Needs Attention     Fair    Good  On TrackRetirement Preparedness Measure0150+

    Find ways to help clients accelerate progress toward their retirement goals by understanding the Retirement Preparedness Measure (RPM).

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