Evaluate Target Date Providers and See Why Fidelity Could Be the Right Fit

You want to choose an appropriate target date strategy for your plan sponsor clients and their participants, but where do you start? Apples-to-apples comparisons don't usually apply to target date strategies, so understanding how to successfully evaluate a provider is important. Learn about some of the key criteria to consider when making your target date decision.

Key Criteria to Help You Evaluate Providers—and How Fidelity Measures Up

Glide Path

No two target date glide paths are alike. Each one is based on the active investment decisions resulting from the investment manager’s core beliefs. Understanding how each glide path is built and will evolve is critical because this long-term asset allocation mix can be the most significant driver of participant outcomes.


When considering overall performance, it is essential to understand the drivers of return and how they relate to the stated goal and beliefs that guide the glide path. Investors should consider both historical performance and the provider’s focus on long-term outcomes.


We believe evaluating strategies based on cost is too simplistic. It is essential to consider a fundamental question: Does the target date provider offer the value proposition of deep resources, strong performance, and competitive price?

Analysis: Fidelity Target Date Strategies vs. Other Top Providers

See how our glide path, performance, and fees stack up against our competition, in each of our product categories.

Building a Partnership: Effective Participant Communications

As you evaluate target date strategies, remember that participant engagement can be a key element of any successful target date offering. Participants should receive clear and concise educational materials about the investments in their accounts.

Fidelity’s Target Date Participant Communication Program

Our Target Date Participant Communication Program is created to show how Fidelity’s Target Date strategies are designed to help you grow your retirement savings during your earning years and provide income and stability through your retirement years. Through a robust suite of on-demand education we provide answers to common questions like:

  • What is a target date strategy?
  • How do I choose the right one for me?
  • What are potential benefits of investing in a target date strategy?

Educational content across a range of topics and formats

Here’s just a sampling of what our Participant Communication Program offers:

Learn more about Fidelity Target Date strategies

Choose the appropriate provider for your plan sponsor clients, their participants, and your business. Take a closer look at Fidelity’s Target Date strategies today.

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