Fidelity Target Risk Model Portfolios

Meet your clients' needs with our Target Risk Model Portfolios, designed for various risk profiles with goals ranging from capital preservation to aggressive growth.

Target Risk Blended Model Portfolios

Help to set and manage expectations for loss and minimize downside risk with Target Risk Blended Model Portfolios, designed to provide risk-adjusted total return across the risk spectrum. This model portfolio’s four asset mixes (conservative, moderate, moderate aggressive, and aggressive) are designed to help your clients stay invested through a target drawdown percentage.* Created with an open architecture approach, Target Risk Blended Model Portfolios use a blend of active and passive mutual funds and ETFs from Fidelity and Member Third-Party** asset managers.

Target asset mixes & strategy details
Target asset mixes & strategy details

Target asset mixes: 4

Style: Blend of active & passive funds

Fund Universe: Fidelity and Member third-party Mutual Funds and ETFs, and a core Fidelity Money Market Fund

Model Reallocation: January, April, July, and October

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